Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Family Vacation

This week the in-laws are taking us on a family vacation to the Hamptons.  Yes, the Hamptons.  The place that garners so much attention in the summer months and my personal feeling of it being a snooty town.  However, it is a free vacation and the first time that the wife, myself, and Riley get to go away together.  Add in my brother in law and my mother and father in law and there is definitely some words that can only describe what I’m thinking. 
First up, came the packing. It used to be so easy.  It used to be my wife and I would just throw our stuff in a bag and just go.  Not anymore.  I feel like Riley travels with his own entourage.  We have the pack-and-play, his play tiles, his bouncer, his play mat, his bottles, food, diapers, wipes, clothes, stroller, and a whole lot more that you cant even imagine.  Packing for his was just too time consuming and stressful.  Next up was me, who might have been more stressful.  Because we are now down to less than a month before Maine, I need to make sure I can get a lot of training in.  And because we’re staying on the beach, the question is, am I going to swim in the ocean.  Why not, so lets pack the wetsuit.  Running gear is easy so that didn’t take long except for having to realize that I need a hydration pack, then a bag of HoneyMaxx, then gels and more nutrition.  Just a lot of things that I don’t think of on a daily basis but need for the few days away here.  The big debate happened when it was time to figure out should I bring my bike or not.  I really wanted to, but it is such a hassle.  I’d have to load it onto the car, then keep it in the hotel room and realistically, was I going to ride?  As much as I would want to, I probably wasn’t going to.  But after looking at the local gyms and seeing there were essentially no spin bikes in the area, I felt like I had to bring my bike.  In the end, I decided not to, but I'm kicking myself now.  I continue to look for spin studios in the area and might have found one, but I still need to log the bike miles.
Riley loved packing even though we hated it

Once packing was over, we packed up the car, or basically just threw everything inside as best as it would fit and drove off.  The first day it was just the wife, Riley, and me.  One day all to ourselves.  Blissfull peace before the crazy happens.  The second day the in-laws showed up and now we’re one big happy family.  I’m not sure if sarcasm comes through on a blog, but if it doesn’t, well, reread the last sentence throwing your own sarcasm in there.  The wife and I thought it would be great since we’ll have permanent babysitters and we can have some time to relax.  We’d give Riley to grandma and grandpa and we can do our own thing.  I can go work out, she can sit out.  Yeah. Not so much.  It seems like we are now watching both the grandparents and Riley just as much.  The vacation hasn’t been easy one bit.  Since the grandparents don’t listen to us about Riley, we have to watch them watch him.  And when we go out to dinner, its basically us trying to shove food in our mouths fast as we can so we can take care of him while the rest of the family leisurely enjoys their meal.  Not really relaxing if you ask me.  
He looks like my little cubano

Add to that, that I don't see eye to eye on any topic with my mother in-law. In fact, I would be a little more honest if I knew the wife didn't read my posts.  I'll sum it up like this, she has no filter, says what she wants and makes no sense most of the time.  Insults fly out of her mouth, but she doesn't realize that she says them.  They just come out and for the good part of 5 years, I have been biting my tongue not saying anything to her about them.  I almost couldn't do that this week though.  At one point she said in front of everyone that she would rather go to Georgetown instead of George Washington University (where I went).  Not that insulting because Georgetown is a better school, but really, who says that out loud?  It's like saying I'm not smart enough for her.  She then tells my wife that she thinks I have a wandering eye when it comes to looking at other women.  Is she friekin INSANE?  That was what set me off.  I'm so glad the wife told me this after I was no longer around her.  Let's be real  here.  Take away from the fact that I love the wife, have a baby with her and am very happy in my marriage.  That's the obvious.  But throw in that there were NO females under the age of 65 to look at.  And if they were under 65, then they were younger than 15.  So no way I was checking anyone out.  But she told the wife she thinks this, after I spent 3 days playing and watching Riley the whole time.  If I wasn't with Riley, then I was working out.  I can't wait for the next time we are together.  This will definitely come up.  
I have been able to work out though and I think it’s a good preparation for Maine.  Since Maine’s run will be along the beach and pretty flat, I need to learn how to run in the crosswinds and also work on pacing.  Since a lot of my runs have hills in them, when I get to flat runs, I tend to really push myself too hard since it feels easier.  Then I crash late in the run and hate life.  That is exactly what happened the first day here.  After 3 miles I wanted to just stop.  I kept trying to slow down but my pace was averaging 6:03 miles.  WAAAAAAY too fast for me.  So Ive been working on slowing down and keeping myself composed and I think I have finally gotten it down.  Swimming has been a little difficult since the pool is so small that I find myself not doing laps but swimming around the perimeter of the pool to add some distance and break up the monotony of the laps. Today was the first day I got to jump on a spin bike and my legs are feeling it.  Tomorrow I may just give in and take a spin class to get some type of decent bike workout in.  Either way, I need to find some time to get out and workout. It’s my only time away while I'm here. 
Riley finally gets in a big pool
I can’t say I’m unhappy here.  The vacation is definitely nice, even though I'm working the whole time.  Riley went on the beach for the first time.  He’s been playing in the pool every day and we are eating good.  Its nice to spend these types of moments with family, but its just so much more stressful than a vacation should be.  But only a few more days and then back to reality for this city slicker. 

The 3 of us out to a nice dinner

Riley seems to be enjoying his vacation

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