Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things have been really slow recently with everything.  It’s kind of that time where its after the off-season, but not quite at the start of training season.  I’ve been working out really hard though.  I’m obsessed with my new Wahoo Kickr and Garmin Vector power meter pedals and finding out how much power I can product, so I have been pushing myself really hard over the past few weeks. 
What I don’t understand is why people ask me what am I training for or why do I do this if there is no race on the schedule.  I got that question a bunch of times over the past few weeks and it really bothers me.  It’s like they think we all of a sudden stop training and turn into a 450 pound person who sits on the couch and watches TV and does whatever we want.  Then once “race season” comes around, we have the ability to turn it back on and pick up where we left off.
It doesn’t work like that people.  We cant just turn it off and on when we want.  I cant go from running 100 miles a week to 0 miles a week then back to 100 without anything in between.  I know people don’t understand that but if I want to train, let me train.  There is no harm in that.

As for some other things, Riley turned 1 this year, and we had a huge birthday party for him.  Of course, I complained about all the birthday parties that I went to over the past few months, so I guess this was payback.  Riley had over 70 people for his first birthday party.  Yes, let me repeat over 70 people to a 1 year olds party.  That’s just nuts.  But it was a great time and Riley had a blast. 
He’s really becoming such a little person now.  He’s walking around, babbling, communicating and growing up.  He even plays on our bed while I’m on the trainer and thinks his daddy working out is the funniest thing in the world.  At certain times when I’m pushing myself on a specific interval, all I hear is him cracking up. 

Anyway, it’s been really slow so nothing huge to update on, but I have a few things brewing so stay tuned.

Riley right before digging into his birthday cake

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