Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year, New Team

One of the cool things that happen towards the end of last year was I was accepted on to a new Triathlon Team.  Truth be told, I really haven't wanted to be part of a team in the past few years, even though I have had invitations to do so.  My feeling was, "what can I get out of one?"  Lat year, I was part of the Cobb Cycling team, the Cobb Mobb.  They were a great team and I am still involved with Cobb Cycling and their amazing saddles but it was time to find a more intense team.

One day in December, I received an email inviting me to join the "Big Sexy Racing" Triathlon team.  First off, the names is really cool.  Come on, Big and Sexy.  While I am not big, I do consider myself sexy at times.  The team was formed by triathlete professional Chris McDonald.  They have some amazing partners and sponsors for the team, so I will definitely be writing reviews, giving them shout-outs and promoting the brands here.  The fact that this team is run by a professional triathlete and his amazing wife means that it has the best things going for it and the knowledge is there.

What's cool is this team was ranked as the #1 Triathlon team in the U.S last year (possibly world, but not sure).  And I was invited to join the team?  Something is seriously wrong that they consider me worthy enough to join their ranks.  But I accepted and am a full member of Team BSR.

I'm really looking forward to speaking with, racing with, and getting a lot of wisdom from these guys.  There are so many things that I can learn from some of the top athletes in the country and apply it to both my racing and training.  I've always known how tight the triathlon community is, but when you are part of a team there is definitely something that brings you into another gear.  I can't wait to see how I am able to bounce ideas off everyone and then see how my race season gets better.  As I've written before, I had a disappointing season last year so even the smallest improvement in my season will yield huge results.

I will be posting some images of my new Big Sexy Gear when I get the team kits, so be on the look out for my sexy arse :)

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