Monday, April 1, 2013

Taper time, Opening Day, RIley is 3 months

So a little hodgepodge today of information.

First, it is officially taper time for Boston.  I absolutely hate this time before a race.  I get cranky from the lack of working out and I feel like all fitness leaves me.  I know thats not the case and tapering is a necessary part of marathon training but there still is no easy way to do it.  No one has come up with a great system that works.  I personally believe a 2 week taper is better than a 3 week taper and I feel better going long every other week, so I ran 18 miles over the weekend and was happy with the run.  I just hate having to limit myself for the next 2 weeks.  Now, I can take an extra day off from all my workouts to make sure my body heels and I can also push myself on certain runs knowing an extra day of recovery is there.  But its also time for me to practice race day.  For example, today I ran 6 miles at marathon pace.  I made sure I ran easy and I hit my pace and didnt speed up once.  There were a few people on the run that I wanted to catch up to and pass but I didnt force it.  If it happened it happened.  Normally I would speed past them.  Not today.  Today I ran controlled.  The run was an absolute confidence booster.  I hit my splits and the run felt amazing.  So easy, so comfortable and I ran to my marathon playlist on my mp3 player.  I'll give the details next week on what songs are on the playlist, the reason behind it, and why they are in the exact spot they are.  I said I was really crazy about this and once I post the playlist, youll see why.

So on the first day of tapering, I'm happy.  Tomorrow will be a different story when I dont run, but for now, the tapering has started.

Second.  Today is my favorite day of the year.  Those who know me know that I am a huuuuuge baseball fan.  Specifically the Yankees.  Yes, I'm part of the Evil Empire.  I know.  So today brings the hope of spring, summer, and championships all rolled into one day.  Baseball season is upon us.  A few years ago, I realized that I dont enjoy going to games anymore.  I think because with all the advances in TV's and the quality of the picture, its just as great sitting on my couch watching a game then being there.  If I go to the game, I have to clear it with the wife, then travel to get there, travel back home, and also I have work to do and I cant do that at Yankee Stadium. So now, I can comfortably sit on my couch, dress Riley is Yankee clothes, dress Thunder in Yankee clothes, and open my laptop and watch all the games that are on today.

Mommy and Riley in his Yankee bib for Opening Day
Opening Day is just magical every year.  Granted the Yankees lost today and this season looks like it might be difficult to watch, but its still baseball and still the Yankees so I was glad to watch the game.

Finally, Riley turned 3 months today.  I cant believe how quickly its gone.  I remember New Year's Day vividly and how special that was in my life.  He's definitely gone through changes in that time and is now smiling, cooing, and has a little personality.  The wife and I definitely just sit and stare at him at times and know how lucky we are. He is such an easy baby and we are so lucky.  He's even sleeping through the night.  We usually put him down to sleep around 9 pm and he usually wakes up around 7 am.  We'll take that.  There are the occasional bad nights, but thats expected and we're ok with those nights.  I just cant believe how fast the 3 months have been.  If we could stop him from growing and keep him like this forever, I think we would sign up for it. He's in that amazing stage where he is just so cute with everything he does.

Yes, Riley, it was the Dog

With that being said, happy April Fool's day to everyone, happy Opening Day and its a big mix of goodness today.

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