Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was the wife's first official Mother's Day.  I am by nature not an emotional or super sweet guy.  The wife will definitely attest to that and back me up.  However, I tried to make the day special for her since it was her first Mother's day.  In fact, a year ago is when we told our families that we were pregnant.  It was definitely a sight to see both soon-to-be grandma's hysterically crying.
soon to be grandma's finding out a year ago

So yesterday's celebration actually started on Saturday.  For all special occasions the wife wants cupcakes from the bakery Baked by Melissa in NYC.  These are cupcakes that are about one bite and that's it.  So after my run on Saturday, I ran right over to the cupcake shop and bought 12 cupcakes for the wife.  She gave me the flavors she wanted so it was easy.  The only hard part is that the cupcakes were for Sunday so I had to limit the wife's consumption of them on Saturday.  Because these cupcakes are so small, you have one bite, then another, and then you don't realize that you just finish 12 small cupcakes in like 10 minutes.  So after I gave her the cupcakes, she ate about 4-5 and then put them away.  And then the celebration was over until Sunday.
bite sized goodness

Sunday morning came and we were going to where our parents live to spend the day with them.  Well actually, some of the day was me spent biking.  In our home town, the city closes a parkway to all cars from 10am-2pm for bikers, runners, walkers, roller bladders, or anyone else who wants to jump on the parkway.  It's a 13.1 mile loop with no cars so its really nice to go out.  I convinced (somehow) the wife to let me bike for a good hour to hour and a half.  Since it's a week before my first Tri of the season, I wanted to see how I would do really pushing myself and throttling down the speed.  Let me tell you, this was awesome.  It was the first time I had open rode like this.  I was averaging about 23 mph on my bike.  And it's not like the course was flat.  It has some really nice hills.  So I was definitely pushing myself and seeing what my limits were.  I had my race wheels on, Aero helmet on and was just flying.  I can't wait for next week.

So after my bike, I had to rush home and shower, get changed, and pick up flowers for my mother and mother in law. We had brunch scheduled for 11:30, but I was late due to wanting to bike more.  I know, not my day, but how can I not want to bike more with how great I felt?

Once I got to my mother in laws house, we had a nice spread of bagels, cream cheese, whitefish, whitefish salad, challah french toast. Basically, jewish soul food.  Brunch was great.  But let's be honest, it turned into the Riley show.  With 2 sets of grandparents, one aunt who lives in Toronto and home for the weekend, and one uncle, Riley was the only thing people want to talk about, play with, etc.  And since Riley thinks I'm his own personal clown, it was time for me to show off his smiling, giggling, and all his baby tricks (even though there aren't that many).

Our little family
So after a few hours, it was time to say goodbye and the wife and I headed home.  Riley was wiped out from all the playing so he slept for a while.  And since I never got my wife a push-present, I decided to give her one for Mother's Day.  First let me regress.  Who decided that someone should get a push present?  For those who don't know, it's basically a present the mother gets for giving birth.  oh, and by the way, it aint cheap.

The wife enjoying her first Mother's Day
OK anyway.  So when we got home, Riley handed the wife a card that had a picture of her gift.  I decided not to actually buy it in case she wanted something different.  But this is what she wanted and now all she has to do is pick out the one she wants and we'll go get it.
Let's hope she likes it

As for that, the day came to an end and the wife's first Mother's Day is in the books.

So to her, and all the other mothers, happy Mother's day

It's not daddy's day, but he is really cute

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