Monday, September 23, 2013

A new way of making decisions

Which way did he go?
I have a decision to make in the next few days that is pretty big.  Nothing bad, don't worry about that.  But what I realized in having to make this decision is that there are so many other factors involved then previously.

Back when it was just me, or me and the wife decisions were just a lot easier.  If something happened and I made the wrong decision then so what.  We'll be ok.  I didn't have to worry about consequences.  Now, it's the complete opposite.  Now, I have to worry about making the decision, how the decision will impact me, the wife, and Riley.  It's not so cut and dry.

And it's not even the large decisions that are causing the headaches.  It's the small ones too.  Like where to go for dinner, what to do on a given day, where should I do a race.  All of these are impacted by the little one.  It's like I have to make a pro's and con's list for every thing I do.  I'm not complaining about it one bit, but I just noticed it recently when I am being tasked with making a pretty large decision that will hopefully impact the family in a positive way.

I never really went to anyone to ask advice.  I always believed that advice is something you ask for when you knew the answer but wished you didn't.  Now, I'll ask anyone who will listen to see if I've thought about things in every way and every possible angle.  Does this mean I'm growing up?  or does it mean that if I'm torn between what I should do that I really know what I should do but don't know if I truly want to do it?  Or maybe there is something that is holding me back that I can't let go of or get out of my head?

Either way, making decisions no matter how large or small they are is definitely a different process now.  Hopefully in the next few days, I'll make the correct one for all of us.

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