Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Home for the holidays- UGH

Obviously last week was Thanksgiving.  Normally, its a time to give thanks for what we have and appreciate everything around us.  While the wife and I definitely did that, there were some things that probably didn't rank up high on the list as the highlights of our holiday weekend.

As I've stated before, the wife and I grew up in the same hometown so going home for the weekend is both good and bad.  It makes it very easy to see both sides of the family, but that isn't always the best thing.  Its a constant battle of who we have to see and how long we have to see them.  Let it be known that no one actually cared to see the wife and I.  Riley was the big attraction which he should be, with Thunder coming in as a close second. 

So Thursday morning, the wife, Riley, Thunder, and I along with about a carload full of presents, laundry, wardrobes, toys all packed the car and heading home.  But since, this is blog is about how I balance Riley and training, I had to figure out a way to get a workout in.  I've had some issues with my calf the past few weeks so I haven't been running for over 2 weeks.  That kills me.  I love to run.  But Thanksgiving has always been a huge running day for me.  I don't know why but I love to run on this particular day.  It's like in my mind, I'll be able to run off everything that I'm about to eat.  But trying to find the time in the morning to get a long run in was difficult.  We had to plan around Riley's nap, travel time, eating time, etc.  So after waking up a little earlier than normal, I headed out for a nice 10 mile run.  It was awesome.  I just went out and was so comfortable out on the road.  Definitely what I needed and the best part of my weekend. 

But after that run is where our weekend became too hectic.  After the wife and I got to my parents, we unloaded the car and played with Riley for a little.  But since my mother was making Thanksgiving, Riley couldn't take his nap at her house since it would be too loud.  Explaining that to my parents wasn't exactly the easiest.  All we heard was "why can't he sleep here"? So of course, we had to repack him up and bring him to the wife's parents.  Once we got there for a specific purpose, all hell broke loose.  The in-laws didn't understand it wasn't play time, but it was nap time.  They wanted to keep him up instead of letting him nap.  He was already cranky.  We didn't need him to be even more so.  So after fighting with them, they let him go to sleep.

The weekend was like this the whole time.  The wife and I have a schedule for Riley that we have learned to work around.  No one else seems to care or think that matters.  All they care about is themselves.  The worst is actually eating meals.  Everyone thinks its easier to go out and eat. They all say they are going to help, but when we sit down fir dinner, its the wife and I making sure Riley is ok while the family sits leisurely and eats at their own pace.  Only when they are done with their meal is when they offer to help.  Unbelievable.

Friday morning was much of the same.  However, the wife and I arranged so the 2 of us, my sister and her brother would actually take a spin class together.  More on that in the next post, but at least we were able to get a workout in.  It was a nice turkey burn.

As the weekend went by, the wife and I realized that coming home for an extended amount of time is just a lot to deal with.  There are "too many cooks in the kitchen", but not enough chefs if you understand what I'm saying.

Luckily we went home and had one day left to just sit and relax.  I know holidays are a time to be with family, but after this past weekend, the wife and I have decided that family time will have to be cut short in the future.  Its just too much for us to handle and we need a vacation.

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