Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We Made It!!!

It has officially been 1 year.  1 year since the wife’s and my life changed.  It’s amazing how fast time goes by when you don’t realize things.  It seems like 2013 came and went in a flash.  Every other year when the New Year comes, I’ve been able to sit back and feel how long the previous year has been and dissect it.  Not this past year.  This past year came and went in a blur and I still can’t believe where the time went.

At 1am January 1st, 2013, the wife’s water broke and we went to the hospital a few hours later to welcome in Riley to our family.  One second we were out to dinner (with the same people we’re going out with this year), and the next second we are parents.  How crazy is that?

We’ve had the best year we can possibly imagine.  It’s been filled with more laughs than I have had in 32 years combined, more feats accomplished or at least recognized, and just more or everything.  Probably because we now celebrate all the little things that make life so great. 

I’ve learned a lot of things in the past 365 days. I’m sure a future post will be about that, but this past year has been incredible. 

So with that, the wife and I have made it one year without breaking, damaging, ruining Riley’s life.  I’m sure that time will come in the future. But while everyone is out celebrating New Year’s day, the wife and I will be celebrating Riley’s first birthday and the fact that we made it one year.  We’ll be popping champagne bottles and formula filled ones wishing our son the very best 1st birthday.

Happy New Year to everyone, and especially a very Happy Birthday Riley.
We made it 1 full year

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