Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Been Down recently

So things have taken a bad turn in the world of TriRunningDad.  Everyone is ok, healthy, good and nothing crazy, but there have been some developments that have kept my mind in so many other places.

It's times like this that you see who is in your corner, who is rooting for you, who is helping, and who you can really appreciate.  I can say that the wife has been the best recently.  It has shocked me how much.  That isn't a shot at her, but she is being extra amazing in this time and I really appreciate it.

Yes, I'm being quite secretive as to whats going on, and for a good reason.  No, its nothing life altering.  It's just one of those hard times that we all go through at some point that when we come out the other end, we come out better.  Right now, I just want to get to the other end.

As a result of all this my workouts have also suffered.  I can't find the desire to really push myself, sit on my bike for a long time or anything like that.  I tried to run last week and they all sucked. The only good run was last weekend where I zoned out and just went.  It was the first time in 2 weeks that I had a good workout and I really needed it.

Either way, I'm looking toward the future and hoping everything will get back to normal soon.  Until then, let's hope I can use my workouts as an outlet and take my mind off of the craziness.

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