Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Favorite Day of the Year and a much needed vacation

Today is my favorite day of the year.  It's Opening Day of the Baseball season.  Baseball has always been my first love in sports.  I follow it religiously and love the Yankees.  As time has gone on, I've started to pay attention to other sports more like Football, but baseball and the Yankees are always #1 in my heart.

Opening Day brings a sense of hope to every fan for their team.  No matter how bad they were the year before, its a fresh start today.  It also signifies Spring and better weather is coming.  Riley is way too young to go to a game, but I can't wait for when he is old enough and him and I can go to Yankee Stadium, grab a hot dog and peanuts (once he gets rid of his peanut allergy), ice cream in a helmet cup and sit back and enjoy the game.  My father always reminds me that I never really sat still at Yankee games.  Even though I loved the games, it was an eating fest for me and I always was shoveling something in my mouth during everything inning.  After I was full, he would tell me that I wanted to get the coolest souvenir.  So maybe I'm not soooo excited to take Riley when he gets older. 

But it is Opening Day and I love it.  It's such a great time of the year.

The second part of the post is the wife and I are taking a much needed trip to Aruba at the end of this week.  It's only for about 4 days, but it is the first time the two of us are taking a trip since the wife was pregnant with him.  And let me be the first to say, no this isn't a babymoon and she isn't pregnant.  The wife will gladly be drinking while we are away.

We had originally booked this trip a while ago and then with some thing going on with me, we cancelled it, but now that issues have calmed down a little bit, we figured "why not", lets get away and sit in the sun and relax for a couple of days.  Neither of us have ever been to Aruba but we know a lot of people who have and they keep telling us how great it is. 

I'll also get to cross off another country that I go running in, which is cool.  This trip will definitely have some working out mixed in as I cant let my fitness completely go away.  Even the wife will get in on the act and workout while we are there.

So with that, we are excited to get some sun and head out and relax.

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