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The Runner's World Big Book of Running for Beginners Review

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A few weeks ago, Runner's World released their latest book, "The Runner's World Big Book of Running for Beginners".  As a result of my relationship with Runner's World, they sent me a copy to review and give my thoughts.  If you recall a few months back, I reviewed their entry into the cookbook world.  I thought that was a huge success.

So what are my thoughts on their new book?  First, let me say that the title says who this book is targeted for.  This book is for the individuals who want to get into running or make the next steps in their racing careers.  This is not for individuals who have been running for years, do races every year, know what their training plans are, and how to set a routine.  So if you are an experienced runner and expect this book to be your new training bible, you will be truly disappointed.  While there are definitely tips and tricks that we have forgotten over the years in this book, the intention is to help ease people into the sport of running.  If you take that approach, then this book does the job.

I won't go over chapter by chapter for you since that will get you not to read the book, but there are sections about the Basics, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Staying Healthy and Managing Injuries, and everything in between.  There is also the Foreword by Amby Burfoot, Introduction by Jennifer Van Allen and Bart Yasso is a key contributor in the book.  If you don't know those names, then that's perfect.  This means this book is for you.  As you start your journey into running, those names will seem to pop up quite often.

So reading this book is really quick.  As in, you can go cover to cover in about 1-2 hours if you just read it.  You aren't bogged down with some heavy information that will confuse you.  Where you will find yourself spending time is when you have questions and you want to go back and check on things, make sure what you're feeling is normal, and if something pops up for you, it's in the book.  That's a true benefit of this book.  It's easy enough, but when you need something, the answer is in there.

For those of you who are starting to get into running, I commend you.  It's a big step.  There are plenty of reasons to get into the sport and not one of them is a bad reason.  The only thing that matters is that you have taken that first step.  This book will help be your bible to help you stay on course.  It's a new journey for you and you're bound to get discouraged, injured, elated, lose weight, and have major questions.  This book will help you.  Whether you want to make sure your form is proper on the treadmill, what Heart Rate zones are and how to use them, running etiquette, how fast or slow should you run, why hill running is important and how to do it, and if you want to follow a training plan to help you along your journey, this book has it.  I found myself checking off things while I read it to see if I do them or I knew about them. 

There is also a big section on nutrition and how your body needs to fuel itself.  I think this is a huge part of the book.  As you get more into running, you want to find out what your body needs.  Often times, we over-estimate how much we need and then we gain weight.  For example, you end up going for a 6 mile run and then think you can order a full pizza pie and finish it and since you ran those miles, you won't gain weight.  Yeah, that's not true.  This book will help you understand energy expenditure and how much you should be putting into your body.  Or we don't know what foods we should be eating before a run.  This book has tips for all of those answers.  It gives you a good shopping list for the grocery store (which I found myself guilty of not having enough on this list).  One of the biggest mistakes I made during my first racing season was not hydrating enough.  I thought it was "weak" if I drank water or a Gatorade type drink.  I crashed and burned hard that year.  This book explains how to properly hydrate yourself and would have come in handy for me if it would have been around.

This book has true benefits for the runner who just wants to be able to get out and run every day, a few times a week, a mile, or build up from a 5k to a marathon and everything in between.  If you want to make the next steps and don't know how, pick up a copy of this book.  I haven't even begun to go over what this book has in it because that would defeat the purpose of you reading it.  But I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more and figure how to get to where you want to go by running.

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note: I don't get 1 cent for you clicking on that link.  This is not about me selling this book, collecting any money, getting recognition.  The link will send you to the website where you can find out the best way for you to get more information on the book.  Whether it be an e-book, hard copy, or anything in between.  I felt it was important to let you know that there is no connection between myself and the book and I do not profit in any way.  It is my way of trying to help my fellow runners (or future fellow runners)

With that, Happy Reading, and more importantly, Happy Running. 

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