Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Race Week

It's the first official race week of the season starting today.  For some reason, this year feels totally different.  Maybe because I honestly don't know if I am ready for the race, it hasn't hit me, I might be perfectly ready/trained for the race or who knows.  Normally, I am bouncing off the walls and can't wait until the weekend.  Right now, I'm doing my normal every day routines and kind of not even thinking about Sunday.

Part of the reason I think is that there has not been any prep races or build up races for Knoxville.  In fact, I only have 5 outdoor rides on my bike so it doesn't even feel like I've been training for it.  That kind of freaks me out since Knoxville is a very hilly course and I'm not sure I'm completely ready for it.  Normally I have a few prep races under my belt to gauge where my fitness is, what I need to work on.  But now, if I forget something, then I'm screwed.  It'll be living and learning on the fly this year.  Probably not a good way to do it.

In my mind, I always considered Knoxville to be a A/B race for me.  It's the Rev 3 Age Group Championship and I have a chance to place in the top 5 in the country, but it's not my main focus this year.  My ultimate goal is to make Team USA in August, and then place in the Half Iron in September, and do well in the NYC Marathon.  So there are too many races to be considered A races which is why Knoxville falls in between a B and an A.  I want to make it an A, but my mind just isn't there right now.

So as race week comes, I'm doing a few things differently this year so I'll update as the week goes on and hopefully I can fine tune a few things for later in the year.

I fly out to Tennessee Friday afternoon/evening so I have a bunch of things going on until then, but I am very happy to finally be able to say for the first time this year…it's Race Week.

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