Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's a party...and another one..and another one...and

It's party time…let's shake 
The title of this post is a little misleading.  One would think that it would be a good thing to have all these parties.  But these aren't the parties that are exactly oh so fun to be at.  Now that Riley is getting older, he has all of his friends 1 year old birthday parties.  Let me repeat that.  He's got 1 year old birthday parties.  Like a lot of them.

These aren't the birthday parties I remember going to growing up.  These are who can show off the most, who can give out the cutest party favors, who can have the best kids musicians there.  Who's going to have it a better place.  Its crazy.  I remember growing up and going to a batting cage, arcade or some place like that, having pizza and ice cream.  Now I'm going to these parties at a restaurant with a full buffet, Sunday morning brunch with bagels, cream cheese, all the type of salads one can think of.  Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's (won't complain about that part).  I'm showing up at a temple where they rented out a ballroom.  It's like who can one up the next party.

It's not that I don't enjoy going to these events, but the problem is that they are every weekend day for like 6 straight weeks.  I counted and here is the breakdown, 4 out 4 straight Saturday and Sundays, 5 out of 6 and that day off was for the NYC Marathon so its not like anyone could get anywhere or go any place.  Plus, well, its the marathon, an important event and one that takes over NYC.  Then 11 out of 12 Saturdays and Sundays I have a party.  It just never ends.  This doesn't even include the 4, yes 4, Halloween parties that we had to go to.  It's like the moms don't understand that there is football on Sundays and they schedule a party from like 12-3 Sunday.  Really?  Or that sometimes, it's just to sit on the couch all day and do nothing.

At these parties, all the dads take care of the babies and all the moms get together and talk/gossip.  I kind of understand this, since without trying to sound sexist here (so don't yell at me), the fathers work all week and don't spend as much time as the mothers so this is the time for fathers and babies.  And its great.  I don't really fit into this mold since I spend some of my days working from home so I get to see Riley more than most fathers.  Something that I am definitely not complaining about.  Its awesome.  I'm not complaining about spending time with Riley, but it's like the moms ship off the husbands to Babies Island with puppets, musical instruments and bubbles while they get to sit and talk, relax and have some time off.  They expect us all to like each other when we've never met before and the only bond we have is that our babies play together during the week.  And its both days on the weekends, with the same people.  It's a lot to deal with.

So instead of being able to do long runs or bikes on the weekends, I have to be back by a certain time so we can get ready, get to these places, and then spend the day there.  Thankfully it is my off season and I can afford to cut a few runs short. 

When did parties become such a production?  When did it become My Super Sweet Sixteen, but for 1 year olds.  1 year olds who don't even know what's going on.  I mean come on, last week Riley entertained himself for like an hour with a Red Solo Cup and an empty bottle of water.  These kids don't need a face painter, balloon guy or anything that I have seen at some of these events.

I miss the good old times when parties were just parties and not a time to show off.  I'm really missing my race season, so I would have an excuse to either be late or not be able to come to some of these events.  Party season is getting tiresome.  I want to get back to being tired because I worked out hard.  Party time is not for me.

A halloween party with all the babies

Riley as a boxer with gloves, and a championship belt

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