Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Skora Rotation

There are currently 4 models of Skora's, and I am lucky to own at least one pair of every style.  I used to only have just 3 out of the 4 styles, but I couldn't resist and had to buy a pair of the awesome Phase-X. The 4 styles of Skora's are The Base, the Core, and the Form, and the Phase.  I’m lucky that I can rotate all of these pairs however I like, but I have found that each shoe actually performs and suits individual parts of my training.  As a result, my rotation isn’t based on what shoes I want to wear, it’s based on what type of activity I do and where I do it.

note: I wrote this post a few months ago when I only had the Base, Core, and Form, but I have updated it somewhat to include the Phase 
Here is the breakdown of the rotation.
The Phase
To be fair, I have only been running in the Phase for a few weeks now.  I have about 100 miles on them, and a full review of them is coming soon.  In the few weeks that I have been in the Phase, I have decided that these shoes are just flat out amazing.  I originally got them because of the Phase-X and reflective technology and how cool they are.  But after my first run in them, I ran my fastest 10k in 4 years with taking it easy. 
The soles on the Phase make me bounce off the ground faster than any other shoe I have run in, and I'm finding out just how comfortable they are.  The Phase have become my go-to shoe for outside training during the past few weeks due to how comfortable they are and how fast I feel in them.
I'll let my full review on them give more detail, but I love these shoes.

Phase-X reflectability

The Core

Before I switched to the Phase, Skora's Core did most of my day to day training.  In an average week, I was probably in this shoe 4 days since the majority of my training is done on the road.  I’ve found that for everyday training, the Core gives the most feedback from the ground and is lighter than the other 2 styles.  The shoe responds extremely well and is extremely comfortable. 

The Core is the most flexible of the 4 shoes that I run in so being able to bend my foot is definitely an advantage.  The R02 system with the IBR (Injection Blown Rubber) gives off an extremely light feel to the shoes but also significant ground feel when running.  I feel that I can react quicker in these shoes.  So if I need to pick up the pace, make a turn, go up or down hills, this shoe allows me to feel the ground and react accordingly. 

My stride turnover is noticeably higher in the Core, just as it is in the Phase.  For this reason, I enjoy wearing them for my normal training.
I have been alternating the Core and Phase for the past few weeks, but since the Phase is a bit newer, I have been wearing them a little bit more.  Not a reflection on the Core, but I just wanted to try out the "newer toy"
Outside in my Core's.
And no, this isn't Corey Haim, but I do wear my sunglasses at night, even when running

The Base

The Base was the first shoe that I tried from Skora so it will always have a certain bias with me.  The Base is my race shoe and also my long run shoe.  I feel extremely comfortable in this shoe and can wear it for hours on end.  Before I got the Core, the Base was my every day trainer and I have already put on over 1000 miles on this shoe and continue to wear it. 

The synthetic material gives breathability to the shoe that I need during all of my races.  For running races, the shoe does not get hot and keeps my feet cool.  During my triathlons, the shoe allows me to run without socks comfortably and not have any rubbing problems which would cause blisters or be uncomfortable.

Because the Base was my every day trainer before I started wearing the Core, I tend to use the Base for my long runs as well.  I was training for the Boston Marathon before I got any other of the styles and as a result, I've stayed with the Base's since I am the most comfortable in the Base than any other shoe during my weekend long runs.  

I like to separate my race shoes and not wear them so much so I only get to wear them once a week and on races.  In some ways, it’s upsetting to me because I love them so much but I know I’m doing it for a purpose and look forward to the days I get to wear my Base’s.
A very typical Base action shot

The Form

I have a hard time finding shoes that feel good when I run on a treadmill.  Typically the shoes that I run outside with don’t feel as good when I bring them inside during a treadmill run so I am in a constant battle trying to find a comfortable shoe to run on the treadmill with.  This is where the Forms comes in.  When I’m forced to move inside and hit the treadmill I grab my Forms. 

I like a little more cushioning on my shoes when I run on the treadmill and the Form has more cushioning than the Core and about the same as the Base but I can tie up the laces and keep the shoes a little tighter with the Form' so this is why it’s my go to indoor trainer.  I have found that with other shoes, they often make me land on my heels, which is exactly the opposite of what Skora is designed to do.  With other shoes, I heel strike too often on treadmills and this ruins my stride.  Even with other Skora shoes, when I’m on the treadmill I’m still heel striking.  However, with the Form's, the cupped heel forces me to land properly mid foot so this is a huge benefit for me when I am forced to go inside on my runs.

I also like the material of the Form for indoor work.  The shoe doesn’t get too hot and allows for good ventilation on the shoe which is perfect for indoor running.
Form's on the treadmill (and me trying not to laugh)

Day to Day use:

The 2 main shoes I wear for casual purposes are either the Core or the Phase.  I don’t like to wear my racing shoes so as much as I would like to, I don’t wear my Base’s for casual purposes.  Both the Core and the Phase are extremely comfortable to walk around, especially in New York City so I’m happy to put them on for day to day wear. 

So that’s how I rotate my Skora shoes.  I like how each shoe has its own purpose and function for me.  It allows for a natural rotation of the shoe so I don’t wear any of the shoes down too much.  It also makes it very easy for me to figure out which shoe I’m going to wear and why.

 I strongly suggest getting a pair of Skora's.  No matter what type of training you do, there is a pair that is perfect for you.  Click on the link on the right side of the page and grab an awesome pair that fits your running style

Run Real Everyone!


  1. Interesting. You use the Phase in your daily training, because you feel so fast in them. I feel the same way, but that is why I DON'T use them for daily training ;)

    I like Form for my day to day training because it's more cushioned than Phase which makes it last longer (1100 miles on my first pair) and since it's a bit heavier than Phase, it makes Phase feel even faster than it is ;)

    Phase is my speed work and racing shoe, because it feels so damn faster after doing the bulk of my mileage in Form.

    1. I think it's also because of the ground feel. I sometimes feel like I'm lugging my feet and have bad form in the Form so depending on what I want to work on is what shoe I'll use. The Form is such a great treadmill shoe and I cant wear the other styles on the treadmill and feel comfortable.

      The feel of the Phase is so great on the road that I love running in them, and then switch to my Base's for long runs and races because of the support and feel.

      Most likely for a marathon or road race in 2014, I'll wear the Phase for one of them, but definitely continue with the Base for all my Tri's