Saturday, November 2, 2013

Runner's World NYC Marathon kickoff

As part of covering the NYC Marathon for Runners World, I was invited to a kickoff event hosted by the magazine. I didn't want to go alone so I invited Leo to come with me

The event was held at the Providence nightclub Friday night from 730-1130 pm. Kind of odd being so late since a lot of people there were running on Sunday. And since I wasn't running I didn't care how late it was.  At the event, there were a few celebrities from the running community.  Bart Yasso, Ernie Johnson, Dean K the ultra marathoner to name a few.  All were in attendance to show support. 

I didn't know what to expect when we got there since we weren't really told anything about it beforehand. So Leo and I walked in and it was packed. So many people there which was nice. We headed straight to the bar, ordered drinks and were then told it was an open bar. Nice surprise. Doesn't everyone love free drinks? After a few cocktails we took some pictures in front of the Runners World banner.

I'm not really as fat as this picture makes me look

There was a nice spread at the place which included pasta, sushi, spring rolls, dumplings, salad. Definitely a nice set up.

After getting some food in me and walking around, the editor of Runner's World grabbed the microphone and thanked everyone for coming and made a nice speech on the marathon, and how the running community has come together in the wake of last year's cancellation and this year's Boston tragedy.  It was a nice speech and reminded everyone how important being part of the running community is.

Next up was the highlight of my night.  Throughout the club, there were these monitors and a movie playing with people just working out.  I thought it was nothing and just a loop of people training.  When this next guy was introduced, it all came together.

Brogan getting the crowd excited
All of a sudden this guy grabs the mic and starts talking to all of us.  You could tell he was just a cool dude.  He gets us all to high five 5 different people, then give bear hugs to 5 other people while screaming out "Fuck Yeah".  I had no idea, but this was something cool.  He starts explaining to us what him and his partner started last November.  A workout that started with the 2 of them just to keep in shape during the winter months.  Instead of me explaining, check out this video

If you can't get hyped up and excited watching that then you shouldn't be reading my blog at all.  I kept leaning in to Leo and telling him that I want to do this.  The guys who started this are awesome and incredibly motivating.  One of them is running the marathon on Sunday. 

I plan on contacting them and see if I can be part of starting a NYC chapter.  That's how cool it is

After Brogan was done, the event went back to people hanging out and drinking.  All of a sudden, I feel this tap on my shoulder, and it's Amy, the person who introduced me to Runner's World in the first place. We spoke for about 10 minutes and I'm glad we got a chance to catch up.  I was looking for her all night but couldn't find her.  If you remember, we met back in April on a train up to Boston and started talking about running.  Her husband is running in the race, so I'll be cheering him on as well.  We spoke about how it's more difficult to watch and spectate for someone than it is to actually run the race itself.  I couldn't agree more.  So after catching up for a bit, it was time to head home.

Not before taking a pic of my Skora Phase-X in front of the Runner's World banner. 

Phase-X making a showing at the event
More on these shoes in the coming weeks since I have about 100 miles in them already and will be putting up a review on them soon, but they are just flat out cool.  They are super reflective and gather a lot of attention. 

Leo and I decided it was time to head out so we took off and headed home.  I stopped to get some cupcakes for the wife, grabbed a cab and went home.

All in all it was a fun night and I was happy to be invited.  Runner's World throws a good party.

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