Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gear wish list

Now that I'm a father and have so many different expenses than I've had previously, I have to think about my purchases.  In the past, I just used to buy things I wanted, they would show up at my door and I would justify it to my wife.  She would always give me a look, but since I paid for it and not us, she ultimately always relented.  Now its a little different.  I dont think I have that luxury anymore.  I think every purchase I make now will have to have a valid reason.  So far, not liking this scenario.

Marathon season is so easy.  There is nothing to buy.  The biggest expense usually are gels and those are cheap.  I have so many clothes that I dont need more.  I cant wear 5 pairs of gloves at a time ( I have worn 2 at a time this winter though), I'm not wearing 4 sets of running tights, I have so many workout shirts I still have about 10 with tags still on them.  I have all my watches, gps, mp3 players, etc so I'm all set with buying things right now that I would need for my long runs.

There is one small thing I have my eye on though.  Now that I'm training for a marathon in the winter, Central Park in NY turns their water fountains off during the cold months.  In the summer, its great, I would stop at random water fountains and drink and just keep running.  Now I have to carry my water. I hate that.  I've used the Fuel Belts and the wrap around waste camelbak packs, but they never stay on right.  They always bounce up and down and end up around my nipples after like 15 steps.  Leo told me to use safety pins to keep them attached to my tights/shorts and thats works a little bit, but I'm still getting the bouncing.  After 15-20 miles of that, its just so annoying and uncomfortable.  Plus, the safety pins are so hard to put on and off and if I need to spin the pack around to get something, it takes so long.  So now, I'm looking at the Camelbak Classic pack or the Camelbak Hydropak.  I dont know if I'm a fan of the backpack style water packs, but its got to be better than what I'm using now.  Plus, its not super expensive so I think I can get this approved by the boss (aka the wife)

This doesnt work
So Let's try this

Once marathon season is over, then triathlon season begins and the wish list gets bigger and more expensive.  Everyone wants free speed so there are some options there: Aero Helmet, aero wheels, lighter gear.  I thought ahead last year and had people buy some of these things for me for my birthday and the holidays.  I figured I knew I couldnt buy them this year with Riley being born, so let's see if I can take advantage of those gift giving holidays.  So I was able to swing:

Giro Advantage 2

S Works Trivent- these are sweet

So now that I have those in hand, the next question is how do I get faster?  What can help me.  So my gear wish list includes the following Aero wheels:

Flo Aero Wheels

These wheels are sweet.  Flo Cycling has done an awesome job in its short infancy.  Normal race wheels are a couple thousand dollars.  While these wheels might not be Zipp's, Mavic's, HED's, they definitely are of extreme quality.  I can't find a bad review of these wheels.  Flo Cycling is producing high quality race wheels at a cheap price.  The wheel set is under $1000 combined for both the front and rear wheels.  What's also cool about the wheels is you can customize your color combo.  As you can see above, that wheel is black on black with a little orange sticker.  You can combine any colors you want.  The biggest seller is the black on black stealth look, which is pretty cool.  But since my bike has some orange in it, I think I want to add the hint of orange as well on the wheels.  Depending on what color your bike is, you can match the wheels to yuor bike, which is cool.  I mean, you gotta look good during those long rides.   Since these wheels are cheap, you can also use them as regular training wheels if you want.  I plan on switching between my regular stock wheels and these.  I'm looking at the Flo 60 for my front wheel and Flo 90 for my rear wheel.

These wheels are the biggest wish list item for me right now.

My other wish list includes:
Garmin Edge 500  

Most cyclist should have a bike computer.  I've always used my Garmin 310xt as mine but I think having a true bike computer will definitely help with my cycling.

And of course,  we all want to look good while racing.  I'm vain. I know it.  So its all about how I look during my races so we got to get some new Tri Suits.  Here are a few that I may pick up:

Pearl Izumi

Orca Core

De Soto Forza

I plan on racing the De Soto for the Rev3 Maine Half Iron, the Pearl Izumi for the KIC Triathlon, and not sure about the Orca yet, but I'm sure I'll find a race for it.   I have to match either my bike (Pearl Izumi) or my shoes (De Soto and the Orca) so each one of these suits fits that bill.

I'm sure there are more things that I want, but right now I have to try and convince the wife that I need all of these things above.  I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for these, and comments like "why do you need a new suit" or "why do you need another thing for your bike" to name a few, but I'm a guy, and guys like gadgets.  Triathletes like gadgets.  So in essence, I need these things "just because".  A few months ago, that was the only justification I need.  But now, I have to balance my gear wish list with diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby needs.  Things have definitely changed in such a short amount of time and now I have to decide which is more important.   Let's hope grandma and grandpa can spoil Riley so I can have some spare cash for my wishlist. 

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