Friday, February 22, 2013

Goals for the Year

This post is probably long overdue since we're already 7 weeks into the new year, but since I'm in sales, goals are always on my mind.  I'm always trying to hit my sales goals and when I was in Syracuse this week I realized that I really havent outlined my year's goals.  Its hard to achieve something if you havent outlined it, so this would be a great time to put on paper my goals.

Personal Goals:
First and foremost, dont mess Riley up.  He's a brand new, unscrewed up baby.  He's so precious now, so my job and goal is to keep him that way as long as possible.  Chris Rock said it best, my job is to "keep my daughter off the pole".  Granted, Riley is a boy and he shouldnt be on the pole regardless but you get the point.  And if Riley ends up on the pole somehow, well then I clearly did something wrong and need an intervention.

Another personal goal is to keep my wife entertained.  The ones who know me will say I'm a goofball and weird, and a character.  I'm also hard to deal with at times.  When my wife and I started dating we would always have "moments" where we would just look at each other at the most random of times and know we love the other person.  It could have been any time. In the grocery store, at dinner, sitting on the couch, it didnt matter.  They didnt have to be at big events or anything special, but they would just happen randomly.  I remember the first time I had one was at her birthday dinner the first year we were dating.  It was the first time meeting her family and I went out to dinner with her, her parents, her brother and brothers wife.  Some time during that dinner, I just looked at her and thought, "this is who I want to be with".  So my goal is to continue having those moments with her this year. And since I'm a goofball, my wife somehow gets her moments when I do something stupid and make her laugh.  Usually when I'm just being a jokester and messing around, she laughs hysterically and she gets her moments.  With Riley being born, its easy to have moments for him where the unconditional love is there, but I want to keep having them with my wife.

Finally, like any sales person, I want to hit and blow my sales quota out.  My company's plans are very achievable and I want to hit my numbers and exceed expectations (wow, how corporate did that just sound).  Hitting numbers = making money, so thats a good thing.  But I look at it a different way.  I'm in medical device sales, and my team sells spine implants, so I know that the more spinal implants my region sells, the more patients are having surgery and are eventually getting better.  I tell my team all the time, that as much as we're in sales, we have to look at every patient and every surgery as if one of our family members is on that operating room table.  So I want all my patients to get better.

As for Racing Goals, these are a little bit different and in some ways, more thought out.  Since each race has a different plan, training program and reason I'm running it, my goals for each race have to be different.  So lets start with my first race:

Boston Marathon:  My initial goal is to just requalify for Boston again.  What that means is running a sub 3:05 marathon.  I have a feeling this is extremely achievable.  And knowing that I dont want to do race Boston next year, all I want to do is qualify again. 
But since my training has gone better than I expected, I want to put a few push goals.  Going under 3 hours is definitely a possibility for me.  I wouldnt say its a far stretch, but depending on how I feel I may want to push myself for that sub 3 hour mark.  With my training and running in my Skora Base's, I'm faster and injury free so far (fingers crossed it stays that way), so for me to push to hit this goal is something I'll try to do and make that decision on the course, but I would love another sub 3 marathon on my resume.
I'd say a PR of below 2:53 is probably out.  I just think its too early in the season for me to be pushing myself that much on this course taht I dont know well.  For me to run that, I would have to be doing 6:38 miles for the entire marathon, and I havent been training that way, so I dont think its something I want to put as a true goal. 

Red Bank Triathlon: Bottom line, I want to place here.  No questions asked.  This race is only a sprint triathlon, and its one month after the marathon, so it should be a piece of cake for me in terms of endurance.  I shouldnt be winded during my training or the race itself.  Yes, there are different disciplines involved, but I'm going from a 3 hour race to a 1 hour race.  If my run splits are not in the top 5 of everyone then I wont be happy.  But I want an Age Group finish with the potential for a podium finish.  Its hard to say a definite podium finish because I dont know how many people have signed up, or what accomplishments they have, but I should be able to push myself in this race and not having to worry about being too gassed at the end of it since my fitness level will already be way higher than most other people in the field who are using this race as a start of the season race.  This race will be a start of the Triathlon season for me, but its not even close to the start of my racing season. 

KIC Triathlon:  First goal here is to register for this race.  At time of this post, I have not even signed up for the race.  Its in the works, and lets assume that gets taken care of within the next few weeks.
So goal here is to go sub 2:25, with possibly even going sub 2:20 for the race.  But more importantly, I want to enjoy this race the most.  It's close to my family's house so they can watch the race, its for a good cause, and its the middle of my races between Boston and the Rev3 Maine.  So my goal here is to iron out all the stuff I need to before Maine.  Perfect my transitions, rock the swim (since thats the one part I hate the most), and push myself but not too crazy to where it hinders my training for Maine.

Rev3 Maine Half Iron:  Is a sub 5 hour Half too much to ask for?  I honestly dont know, but thats what I'm pushing for.  Let's break it down per discipline.
Swim: 40 minutes
Bike: 2 hours and 48 minutes (thats a 3 minute mile on the bike which I think is easily do-able)
Run: 91 minutes.  Thats just about a 7 minute mile which to me is extremely conservative knowing how flat the run course is.
Lets add about 5-6 minutes collectively for both transitions, and thats about 5 hours and 5 minutes.  I think I can shave a few minutes off the swim (1-2), 5 minutes off the bike, and I would love to do a sub 1:30:00 half marathon if possible.
  So with that I'm gunning for a sub 5 hour race.  Might be too much to take on, but thats what goals are for.

My second goal is to cross the finish line with Riley.  I just think its cool to do that.  So if I stop to pick up Riley about 100 yards from the finish line and I finish in 5 hours and 15 seconds or so, I count that as a win for both goals since I would be faster if I didnt have him.  But I'm willing to take a few seconds to have that moment with him.

Third goal is to have a blast in Maine for a week.  The family is going to be together for a week sharing a beach house for our first vacation as a family in a long time and I want to enjoy it. Plus it will be my birthday while we are there and even though I wont drink anything race week, I'll be celebrating the night after the race with some good ol' Main lobsters and beer.

I think I have some pretty realistic goals.  Some are if things go right and if I can push myself, but other than that, I want to have a successful, fun, injury free year.

What are your goals?

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