Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Riley updates

Since I want to bridge the gap with my training and fatherhood, I figured I would give an update on how the past 6 weeks have been with Riley.  I cant believe he's 6 weeks old.  I honestly cant believe how fast those weeks have gone by.  It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital for HOURS waiting for him to be born.  And once he was born, the time has flown by.

Riley's 1 month birthday
The wife and I have been lucky.  Riley has to be one of the easiest babies out there (except for today where as I write this, he is being a little terror).  He hardly cries, he isn't fussy for the most part, and he is just so darn cute.  I dont know how we did it, but he is sleeping for about 4-5 hours at a time during the nights so the wife and I dont have to constantly be up to feed or change him.  We put him down to sleep around 10:30 and he will typically wake up around 3-4ish for his nighttime bottle.  He even gave us a Valentine's Day present of sleeping until 7 am.  The wife and I actually woke up more during the night because we were shocked he hasnt woken us up that day and wanted to make sure he was ok.

Some day he'll be proud to wear this Jets jersey
Riley has taken trips to both grandparents house, a Super Bowl party dressed out in his little jersey, he came Valentine's Day shopping with me for some of his mommy's favorite things, and has even come grocery shopping with us.  He's definitely not scared to go outside.

Riley has been a stud in his first few weeks on this earth.  He's had skype dates with some of our other friends little babies, he's been on i-chat, and even had a playdate with a friend.  All in all, he's had an active social life. 

I think the biggest problem has been all of our friends and family.  While its been great that everyone has been so supportive and wants to help us out, the problem is everyone wants to come over, like all the time.  Its so hard saying no to people who want to come over and see Riley.  We know the intentions are good and that he is the center of attention and we love that.  But there are oh so many hours in a day and oh so many hours that the wife and I have time to do things just us.  One weekend, people came over Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening.  Its a lot.  There is just no down time for the wife and I.  And how do we say no?  They arent coming to see us. Now combine that with me going out for a 3 hour run, or the wife finally being able to go to a spin class, and us having to do regular errands, and we are just spent. 

A few weeks ago, I had to implement a rule that we are only allowing visitors one day a weekend and if that schedule doesnt work for people then its on them, not us.  We just couldnt keep having people come every day and us not being able to do what we wanted or needed to do.  The only complication this caused was multiple people came over at one time, so they were all fighting over Riley.  If I thought raising a baby wasnt difficult, then having to choose who gets to hold Riley and play with him or feed him is down right impossible. 

The wife and I will gladly accept those problems then what some parents have to go through.  Riley is our little angel.  He is happy to play little brother to Thunder, who has become his big brother protector over the past few weeks. 
Thunder being a good watchdog while Riley sleeps

At this point, we have been looking to book a vacation around the Rev3 Half in August with the family.  My mom wants to take the family away for a family vacation since we havent done that in a few years, and the plans got changed last year when we told them we were pregnant.  My mom had these great New Year's plans all set up, but couldnt book the trip because of our due date.  Thinking about taking Riley into the ocean, playing with him in the sand is exciting.  Then to cap it off with a race, is the ultimate.

This post wouldnt be complete without a handful of pictures, so enjoy the first few weeks of Riley's life.  I look forward to posting more about my little guy.

Yes, he's very photogenic
Right after bath time

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