Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best sweet tooth time of year

The people who know me know that I am a candy junkie.  I dont take that word lightly.  I have a serious sweet tooth.  In my mind, I know I can eat whatever I want and not care because of how much training I do.  I rarely care about calories.  In fact, my normal diet probably has me taking in less calories than I should.  So I need to add some things to my diet. Enter, CANDY

I am a gummy candy lover.  Thats my drug.  My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids.  Dont ever offer me a few if you have a bag with you.  I will probably end up taking the bag and giving you a few SPK's.  Swedish Fish do the trick sometimes, as do gummy bears, but nothing can hold a candle to the sweet then sour taste of a little man covered in sugar.

I'll ask this question even though I know the answer...When is the best candy time of the year?  Most people would say Halloween.  Sorry folks, youre just wrong.  Thats the best time for quantity of candy,  but not the actual candy.  Christmas time?  Nope.  It does come in a close second, but not the best.  Valentines day? Unless you like chocolate, this day aint for you.

It's right now.  Easter time is the best time for candy throughout the year.  Here's why:  You can get all your staples you want, PLUS the Easter themed candy.  So let me break this down for you.  I guarantee that if you try my assortment of candy, you will thank me.

#1) Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans

Yeah, they are that good.  Take a normal jelly bean. Make it a little harder than normal.  Not too hard that it cracks your teeth, but a little harder so you have a bit of a crunch to it.  Now picture only Sour Patch Kid flavors and coat the jelly bean with sour patch sugar.  These are amazing

On a more Sour note: I just found out that these will not be available in 2013.  There was a recall on them and they are not being produced for the 2013 Easter season.  Sorry for any false hope, but I cant wait for 2014

2) Nerd Jelly Beans

Ok, another jelly bean addition here, but this is different.  We all remember Nerd candy right?  Those little boxes that typical had 2 flavors in them and you got to choose which flavor you wanted to eat and when.  Well take a jelly bean and cover it with NERDS.

Here's the trick though.  There are 2 ways to eat these.  First is the normal way.  pop them into your mouth and chew.  Nothing special and they are still good but its too normal.

Second way, and I have multiple references who will back me when I teach you this way.  I'm trying to patent this way to eat the candy but I dont think Ill be successful, so Im going to give you a better way to eat them for free.

Take a jelly bean, bite down in the middle of it but not all the way.  Just crack the shell of the Nerd coating and then peel the coating off with your teeth and tongue.  Eat the nerd part first and youre left with basically a second piece of candy for the price of one.  You get the awesomeness of the Nerd, but when that is gone you have a full jelly bean left to eat.  Dont think Im right? Trust me.  Buy a bag, do it the normal way, then do it my way.  I guarantee you'll be thanking me.

3)  Swedish Fish Jelly Beans

Due to the recall of the SPK jelly beans, I had to find a new kind of jelly beans to satisfy me.  The wife is a bigger Swedish Fish fan than I am, but they are still good.  But I saw these this year and thought I'd try them.  I have to say, they are pretty good.  Imagine a little harder than normal Swedish fish.  Thats basically what you have here.  Cant go wrong with that

And while I said Easter is the best time of year for candy, my ultimate Holiday Candy- even though its for Christmas is:

The Red and Green only Sour Patch Kids.

 Ok, I get it.  I have some type of SPK obsession and have listed them for a few times now.  But what they do during Christmas is they take all the bad flavors out.  Everyone loves Red.  Then they put the Green in there.  No one wants yellow or orange anyway so lets get rid of them

So you can now get a handful of only red or green sour patch kids.  Its the best.  I stock up on these bags once they go on sale after the holidays.  I can get a bag of these for like $1 each.  Bring in a $20 and thats a lot of bags to last me a few weeks until Easter season rolls around

My go to store for all of my candy is Target.  Not in the candy aisle though.  You have to go specifically to the holiday section.  Thats where youll find all of these wonderful treats.

So with that, have a sweet time right now everyone.  

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