Monday, March 4, 2013

Riley's first shots

So tomorrow is Riley's 2 months doctor's appointment.  More importantly, its his first round of shots.  That freaks me out soooo much.  Let me say that when it comes to shots and needles, as a kid I was a biiiiiig weenie.  My mom still reminds me of the times where I would go to my doctor to have my annual blood test, you know the little finger prick, and I would hate that.  I used to run out of the exam room in my underwear kicking and screaming just so I wouldnt have to get my finger pricked.  I made life so miserable for my mom for taking me to the doctor, the nurse trying to take my blood, and of course the doctor.

As the years have gone by, I have had shots and injections all over my body.  I've had steroid injections in my spine to relieve disc herniations in my back, I've had a cortisone injection in my knee to help with IT Band Syndrone, and Ive had every medical test needed and of course there were needles involved.  I've somehow learned how to deal with the shots and needles and they dont bother me anymore.  Except I still cringe at having to get blood drawn for my annual tests.  My doctor just doesnt know how to get my vein at all.  It takes him like 3-4 tries every year. I end up with a huge black and blue mark since he keeps missing.  I just dont get it.  he does it for a living and I have the best "heroin veins" as I call them.  My veins stick out of my arms that I could find a vein with a sewing needle.  And my doctor somehow cant manage to hit a vein?

So when I got Thunder, my fear of needles transferred directly over to him.  Every time he went to the vet and had to get a shot, I either had to bring my mom with me or I left the room.  I couldnt bare the thought of the vet hurting Thunder.  I know the shots didnt really hurt him, but I still was scared out of my mind.  Someone would have to come in and hold Thunder and the vet would give him his shot usually in a place that he didnt even realize.  But it was terrifying for me.  It still happens, so its not like I've grown up and gotten better.  It just freaks me out when he has to get a shot.  I love Thunder and wouldnt want him to get hurt at all, let alone someone causing him pain because of a needle.

Now comes Riley's turn.  He needs his first round of immunizations.  I know that.  I've learned to accept his cries and understand that he's a baby so of course he's going to cry.  His circumcision was an adventure, but he didnt even cry once so it wasnt so bad.  We got out of that one scott free.  But I've already told my wife to not expect me to be in the room tomorrow for the shots.  I dont want to see them, I dont want to know about them, nothing.  As I said with Thunder, I know Riley will hardly feel the shots so its not like I'm concerned about that.  But I can just imagine the screaming that will come out of that room when the pediatrician puts that needle into his little chubby thighs.  He's just too little.  As my my calls them, his little legs are "pokies" and to inject a small needle in them is frightening.  It wont be a happy household tomorrow night.  Its times like this that I kind of wish he was older.  This way I could bribe him with ice cream or a comic book if he was a good boy.  But what am I going to bribe him with tomorrow?  Formula? A new teddy bear? Elmo on his diaper instead of cookie monster?  Nothing is going to work.

So as I sit here tonight thinking about tomorrow, in some ways Im glad that its him getting a shot and not me (wow, do I qualify for being a bad dad now?)  But I just hope he really doesnt feel the shots and wont remember anything 5 minutes later.  Im wishing him good luck and that he wont have to have that many more shots.

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