Sunday, March 24, 2013

The madness begins...then ends

Like most people this time of year, both the wife and I take part in March Madness for college basketball.  This post isnt about who I picked or who the wife picked.  Every person in the world thinks their bracket is the best ever.  What this post is, is about putting something out in public for everyone to see.

Every year my wife and I each do our own bracket.  Every year we make a bet.  It usually involves the loser taking the winner out for dinner.  4 years of doing brackets, I have won 4 times.  4 dinners as the victor, guess who has paid?  Thats right, me.  So basically, I win every year and somehow I end up taking my wife out to dinner.

Well this year that aint gonna happen.  So I approached the wife with a different kind of bet this year. We agreed that the loser of our own personal bracket challenge will do Riley's nighttime feeding for 1 week straight.  No if, ands, or buts about it.  The bottom line is that I am making it known that this is the bet.  Neither I or the wife can say that this bet never happened.  Frankly, I could care less how I do against the nation or what my personal bracket looks like. I only care about 1 thing...beating the wife.

So to let everyone know, here is the breakdown of how we both picked.  Here is our final four and championship.

The wife:
Iona (yeah, she chose a 15 seed)
championship: Memphis over Miami

My bracket:
Championship: Miami over Duke

Well, we're almost done with the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, and I have ALREADY won.  Let me say that again, there is ZERO chance that the wife can beat me.
Let me explain: Out of the wife's final four teams, 3 have already lost, including her champion.  The only chance she can collect any significant amount of points is through Miami.  But since I have them going further than she does, I get the same amount of points as her.  Which means, she has no chance of overtaking me in points anymore.

So the madness has begun and ended in our household.  I dont care if Miami wins the championship. It would be nice since the wife actually went to Miami and I like their team, but for the sake of Riley's nighttime feedings, it looks like I'll be getting one week of uninterrupted sleep.  Cant really ask for more than that.

Now that I have made our bet public, the wife better make sure she pays up.  If she doesnt, I'm sure there will be another post calling her out.

To everyone else, good luck with your brackets.  I hope you picked some good teams and have success with your own pools. I have already won mine without even knowing who the best team in the nation is yet.

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  1. HA HA HA I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Love this!!!