Monday, March 11, 2013

Running Funk

So the past few weeks I have been in a running funk.  I just dont want to go out and do a workout.  I know I need to do my workouts and I know they all serve a purpose, but I just dont want to go and do them.  Its weird, my workouts are still going well for the most part, but my motivation to go out and get ready and go for a run just isnt there right now.

Maybe its because I have a month left until Boston and its that time where I have one or 2 long runs left and then the taper starts or maybe its because I've been training for so long that I just need a break but something has to change.

For example, today I was scheduled for a nice tempo run/race pace run of 6-8 miles.  I know I needed to go out and do the run.  I really need to work on my pacing.  I cant seem to nail the pace I want to run Boston in.  All my training runs, including my long runs, are way too fast.  So I said today I want to focus on nailing my pace.  But as it got closer to having to get ready for the run, I kept not wanting to go.  I kept procrastinating and delaying the run.  Finally, I got dressed and went out for the run.  Once I got to Central Park I still didnt want to be there and said I'll see how the first 1-2 miles are and I can always turn around and go home.  Its those type of thoughts that have plagued me for about 2 weeks now.  I'm always building in a back out plan.  The good news is, my run was amazing.  Once I settled in within .5 miles, I was cruising. I was aiming for race pace, but for some reason the run felt great and I was 15 seconds faster per mile than I wanted to be, except it felt so easy.  So there was some good that occurred.  When I say I was flying, I'm actually making a huge understatement.  I could have easily pushed myself today and been about 30-45 seconds faster per mile than I wanted to be.  But I settled in and realized that Im working to a set goal so I didnt want to push too hard.

Even though my actual run was great, my concern is that I dont want to go workout right now.  That when its time for me to run, my mind isnt in it.  I know its not overtraining, since Im allowing myself some breaks but I'm wondering what it could be.  Ive had a few runs where I have gone a mile or so and just turned around since I wasnt into the run.  I've also found myself choosing to do a run on a treadmill instead of going outside since its so much easier to go downstairs to the treadmill in my apartment building than to go out and go for a run outside.  I just feel so burned out right now

Whats the best way to get around this funk?  How do I force myself to step up and go do a workout when I dont want to.  I think I jinxed myself when I posted about a month or so ago about how great my runs have been.  Now I'm paying the price for that. 

I need a pick me up.  Anyone have a great workout they can send me so I can change up my workout and can look forward to going for a run and as Stella would say "get my groove back"?

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